MVM MINI-ISM / Private/Commercial (LY3)

MVMSYSTEM  manages large commercial and private yachts with a cloud application addopted to Captains and owners needs. This includes following specific legislations and regulations as per internantional requirments.

We, at MVM, have always felt the need to produce a more cost effective and simple tool in order to introduce into the leisure market. 

We want the private 30' sail or power owner and his family to be able to enjoy the support and accessability to his yachts information with a professional technical "hot Line"

This is now available in the UK main land and  at a fantastic Introduction cost effective price!

I own a 35 ' sailing boat...What will it cost me to use MVM?? 

Simple Price Structure MVM Leisure
Prices are based on annual plans

LOA in Feet           SETUP *         Monthly/Private (No ISM)**

27-35                         400                        50          

36-45                         500                        64

46-55                         850                        75

56-65                         900                        98

66-75                       1150                      120

80-90                       1800                      150

Remarks on Price structure 

SETUP *    

This is a one off fee for collection and populating the database by MVM. This applies to vessels in Main Land UK not including Scotland.
For specific quotes outside the designated area please contact us. 
Data can be collected by MVM for areas outside the UK-Main area. MVM will supply quote for single trip to allow collection and documentation of all relevant data. Upload will be done by MVM. Setup fee will remain as in standard UK Main if done so with Travel Costs added as agreed.
Renewal of annual fee must be completed 30 days prior to expiry or database will be automaticly erased on anniversery. New set up will require SETUP fee once more

** MINI ISM  Taylor made and implemented!

Implementation Starts at 500 GBP / Month . This is subject to vessel type, operation and requested level of support.

All Forms and Checklists are electronic forms created specifically for the vessel and crew.

What Does MVM LEISURE offer?


  • Cloud ,purpose built application software, accessible when connected to the internet. (WIFI , 3G, 4G)

  • Dashboard with all relevant information including announcements and safety notices.

  • Links to weather sites,tide prediction sites.

  • Populated Database including vessel details, main equipment , maintenance schedule and records, hour log for main running machinery . Plans , drawings. Setup will allow vessel crew to continue and update system.

  • Uploaded images of main equipment ,S/N where applicable. LSA

  • Equipment and yacht manuals in scanned or PDF /word formats. (No limit on storage!) 

  • Uploaded documents,receipts etc... by crew and.

  • Parts and inventory with detailed information for ordering parts. Min levels can be set and automatic email notification to assigned address.

  • Up to 2 users per yacht and unlimited storage or bandwidth. Download or Upload as much as required.

  • Setting expiry notifications for safety equipment and any other tasks required.

  • If vessel is commercial - MINI ISM system implemented with MLC and RA.

  • Purpose built checklists and forms. 

  • Suppliers and technical support contact details.

  • MVM Technical hotline - we are just a call away and can locate or advise on fault, assist with local professional services . Locate and price spare parts including courier to vessel . We have all your vessel information online!

  • Set up yachts min COB (Carry On Board Spares) .

  • Outfit management updates , Notice to Mariners and Imray corrections, Relevant MCA Notices and more!!!!!