Safety is leading MVM support and service to our customers worldwide. Treating a leisure yacht 10 meters to super-yachts under LYC or private has no difference in terms of the risks involved from fires occurring. From a simple human error to electric faults or machinery failure causing a localized fire developing into an all-out incident causing total damage and loss of life or life changing injuries.

No Matter how safe the installation is the risk involved is always there. From New-builds to 30-year-old vessels the risk levels are identical.

For LYC yachts under 500 GRT within the REG this has been identified and regulated by the MCA for the past 10 years. Both the original MGN453 and the existing (2020) MGN580 require treatment to interior fabrics and materials to be done under a certified procedure with intervals not exceeding 24 months. MVM has joined force with a global leader in the Fire Retardant Chemical field and has developed a unique product NX2FLAMETECT which has been treating vessels globally for the past 7 years.

Marin Fire Retardant has consulted and assisted designers, Owners, Project Managers in understanding the requirement’s under IMO FTP 2010 regulations and the latest MGN580 regulation.

Vessel of 500 GRT and upwards are required to install a fixed (Sprinkler system) on-board and can still benefit from our expertise and advise to increase safety levels. We experienced a lack of cover in some Yachts relating to storage areas that are usually unmanned and if not inspected regularly can serve as High Risk points.

Remember that Fire is the main incident recorded onboard vessels.  From a simple charger for a HH VHF or personal Mobile devise left unattended to a major equipment/machinery failure.

Reduce the risk, train and drill the crew and think ahead!