Annual Audit MGN453 Fire Retardant

MVMSYSTEM is proud to announce our Fire Retardant Department specializing in the MGN453 application has completed successfully their annual audit conducted by BTTG.

BTTG is the nominated body by MCA to conduct the certification.

Marine Fire Retardant uses our unique formulated product NX2FLAMETECT. The treatment is applied as per Large Yacht Code to fabrics, upholstery,bedding and floor coverings to create a fire retardant barier. Following our strict application procedure, fully documented and certified, MVM supplies a professional safety feature on board vessels.

Fire incidents on board vessels are increasing and when undetected can cause total loss of vessel and injury or loss of life to crew and guests.

More and more Captains and owners are aware of the statistics and choose to apply treatment even if they do not confirm to LY3 or are instructed to do so via administration.

You can find all information pertaining to the treatment and the regulations on our specialized web site


Get a quote Now! Don't wait add now a safety factor to your vessel and crew.

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