Mini ISM

ISM (International Safety Management) is a SOLAS Code which lays out the international standard for marine safety and pollution prevention. A smaller version, Mini ISM is exclusively created for yachts to make sure the yacht follows the proper safety and pollution-prevention protocols.

Application of Mini ISM

As per MCA’s (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) of the UK, all the commercially registered yachts which are under 500GRT are required to maintain the mini-ISM system. This system is carefully drafted to keep up with the functioning of yachts that are under 500GRT and more than 24 meters in length. Other yachts are required to maintain the full-version of the ISM system.

Purpose of Mini-ISM System

The main purpose of this mini-ISM on yachts are-

  • Ensure that the crew of the yacht, along with the guests and all the other third parties are completely safe while at sea

  • Prevent any kind of injury and loss of life of the crew, guests, or third parties

  • Avoid pollution

  • Avoid any kind of damage to yacht

Requirements of Mini-ISM

Mini-ISM requirements have been summarized by MCA in the Second Annex of LY3 (Large Yacht Code 3). The requirements are a shorter version of the rules laid out for the yachts which are more than 24 meters in length.

Operations of Mini-ISM

While the Second Annex of LY3 provides brief idea about how one can develop mini-ISM, the key requirements for operations are-

  • The system should be easy enough to understand

  • The rules should be specific to yachts

  • It should be updated regularly and used accordingly

  • Owner should review the system in every 3 years

The mini-ISM system can be used by yacht owners to substantially improve the quality and safety of the yacht to make sure that better safety and pollution-prevention steps are in place while the yacht is out in the sea. MVMSYSTEM implemented systems on a range of yachts and follows with training and maintenance schedule. Making Captains and crew life easier and much safer. For Further details see MVM mini ism or Contact us

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