Planned Maintenance -The MVM way

Planned Maintenance on Super Yachts

Modern super yachts are complex machines and its systems and electronic equipments are nothing short of the things that are installed in aircrafts. With comfort and safety of the crew and guests on line every single time the yacht leaves the dock, planned maintenance turns into an integral part of its existence.

Developing Planned Maintenance Strategy

Developing a strategy for planned maintenance of super yachts can be complex. You are required to have a system which can track the maintenance schedules recommended by the manufacturers for every single system on the yacht, along with the parts availability and inventory, required labor hours, etc. Apart from this, you need a system that can instantly provide you the reports and the account of all the work that has been conducted, and also provides the account to the owner of the yacht and its captain. And a planned maintenance system or a software can be great use here.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance Software

Let us have a look at some of the features that can be found in modern planned maintenance software-

  1. Create and implement the correct planned maintenance for the super yacht

  2. Monitor the operations and performance and take remedial measures which are required between maintenance schedules

  3. Make arrangements for refits, repairs, spare parts

  4. Make sure that inventories on provisions, spare parts and stores are properly maintained

  5. Monitor and then report any kind of mechanical, physical and electrical repairs

  6. All the crew and owner to virtually monitor and inspect performance of various systems on the yacht and condition of the yacht

Apart from this, a software should also provide you with the ability to schedule trips online, build your itineraries online and even select the crew for the voyage.

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