Outfit Management

Outfit Management on Superyachts (Charts and Publications)

The Admiralty publishes new charts and releases publications when new areas are required to be added to a chart, any area is to be represented in a different way than it used to be, the scale needs to be renewed or depth units need to be altered. But if at all any major changes are to be made in the chart, the Admiralty publishes the charts new edition to replace the old one.

Charts and Publications on Superyachts

Admiralty publishes the catalogue of charts and publications every year with all the updated and current versions of the charts and every superyacht is required to have a copy of the same to navigate safely. Also, if there are changes to be made between the annual release of the catalogue, the same is conveyed through weekly notices and navigating officer of the yacht is required to make the changes to the chart.

Chart Folio System on Superyachts

A correct charting system is made up of a log of chart correction, folio index, sailing directions from Admiralty, chart catalogue from Admiralty, weekly notices, lights list by Admiralty, tide tables, annual notice summary, and chart abbreviations and symbols. The navigating officers of a superyacht should ensure that the chart folio onboard is timely updated for safe passage of the yacht while out in the sea.

Moreover, the yacht should also have the proper equipment and access to services with the help of which Navtex and Navigational warnings can be conveyed to the crew on a yacht. Failure to properly update the charts has resulted in several severe incidents in the past and thus, the navigating officers of a super yacht should lay a major emphasis on them to ensure marine safety.

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