LYC , above or below 500 GRT, what are the requirements for Marine control Systems on board.

Marine Fire Control Systems , summary of requirements.

MCA has published several guidelines with respect to the yacht fire treatment and every large commercial yacht registered by MCA is required to get certified for the same. Some of the most important guidelines with respect to the marine fire control system in a yacht include-

  • Vessels of 500 GRT or more are required to install an automatic sprinkler system for the accommodation spaces. If a fire detection system is not fitted in the yacht, all the bedding, upholstery, and textile items should be made from a material which is inherently fire retardant and should comply with the FTP (Fire Test Procedures) code of IMO.

  • Vessels less than 500GRT should have sprinklers or another equivalent system to extinguish the fire. Unless such system is in place, all the bedding, upholstery and textile items should be made from fire retardant materials which should comply with FTP code of IMO.

  • There should also be a water spray system which can be operated manually in the enclosed spaces and spaces where fuel or other combustible items are stored. There should also be an arrangement for draining the water introduced into the space.

  • There should be a separate fire detection system at such spaces which should comply with II-2/Part A of SOLAS requirements.

  • The spaces should also have a gas detection system with visual and audible alarm in the wheelhouse of the yacht.

  • Electrical equipment which is 450mm or more above deck should be certified for their safety against petrol vapors.

While these are only a few key guidelines, a yacht should comply with all the yacht fire treatment guidelines to make sure that the fire risk is at a minimum.

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