Near Miss Reporting

As a very important part of The ISM code , Near Miss reporting, indicates a Safety Culture and Practice on board and within the Company.

It is a vital part of vessel operation and implementation requires the crew to fully understand the process and the part they play in implementing this culture on the Yacht.

Miss interpretation of Near Miss reporting will create an atmosphere of fear and endanger both crew and vessel. This can lead to injuries and fatality or Damage to vessel . It can Lead to financial loss and increased expenditure due to equipment damage requiring unplanned replacement and/or repair.

Getting your crew and shore based staff to fully understand this very important process will allow them to appreciate the advantages and create a safer , healthier and more efficient working / living environment within the company and on board the vessel.

IMO has addressed this .

Attached is a copy of the report and an excellent document to use when explaining or briefing your crew. Read It and use it !


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