Microalgae Developments & Production

We have been always interested in the enviromental impact of the products we deal with. With this in mind, coming across such an interesting field of products developed as ecological bio-stimulant used in agricultural products, aquaculture and developing a product that will be suitable for human consumption !

As we are envolved in a project related to a design of a FishFarm, this has sparked an interest.Stricking a mutal realationship with SUDEV Planet partners and representing AGRIALGAE the manufactures and developers.

See the following presentation

How does this relate to the Sailing world ? We have been using the product on differnet products grown in our back yard . From flowers to herbs and vegetables. The results are evidence of better yeild, less water required and this may lead to hydrophonic units that can be stored onboard supplying fresh products in locations that may not have them readly available or on long voyages with no port calls!

Just a few thoughts....

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