New-Zealand Biofouling Craft Risk Management

Very interesting the highlighted paragraph detailing the statistcs of invasive organisims introduced by Bilge water compared to Hull fouling !

The time and effort introduced in the Bilge water management systems and legislation by IMO seems to have focused on the lesser of the two contributers???

See full artical published by West of England

New Zealand – Biofouling Regulatory Requirements

18th July 2018

Compliance with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) “Biofouling on Vessel Arriving to New Zealand - Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS)” became mandatory on 15th May 2018, which requires all vessels arriving in New Zealand to have a clean hull to prevent the introduction of unwanted organisms.

Vessels are required to provide evidence of compliance with the regulatory requirements prior to arrival, as well as conducting continued maintenance using best practices as contained in the IMO biofouling guidelines.

Vessels considered by the MPI to have excessive biofouling affecting their hull, including more difficult to clean “niche” areas (sea chests / thruster gratings and tunnels / spectacle frames / azipods etc.), can be ordered to leave the country’s territorial waters for hull cleaning. However, it has been made clear that cleaning just outside the 12’ limit of territorial waters will be viewed in a very poor .....

light by the MPI.

The Club’s Correspondents in Auckland, P&I Services, have published three circulars containing general guidance on the MPI’s requirements and expectations:

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