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Executive Summary

The Company
MVM LIMITED Manages our Clients vessels utilizing a cloud application extremely user-friendly, accurate, accessible and client orientated. Allowing access to owners,Captains and Managers to crutical vessel data for an efficent and cost effective process. Todays Yachts and marine vessels must comply with a host of regulations and standards arising from the joint actions of International Bodies (IMO), governmental regulatory and private standards organizations (i.e. Classification societies, Flag states). ISPS** and ISM*** requirements for vessels above 500 Gross tonnages and of commercial use have been implemented globally and requires Owners and crew to adhere to these standards in order to operate on the open seas. MVM has produced a management service using an online application incorporating the above systems and supplying further solutions to the Owners, Management and Crew. 

MVM LIMITED is currently looking at key strategic alliances with Classification & Flag States to endorse proffessional management services  improving Safety and Security onboard. 

MVM Management incorporates building blocks an emphasis on SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT which serves as a crucial part in understanding efficiency and costing in a very competitive market.

The Market

MVM LIMITED Targets the marine market, in general, covering a diversified range. From a private 30 foot yacht through commercial mega yachts , cargo & passenger vessels.


Meridian Vessel Management system provides a vessel management service that includes an easy-to-use, efficient, global web based application to the highest Marine Industry (Classification & Flag registration requirements).

Benefits achieved using our Proffesional Management Package  includes overall vessel/fleet management, reduced expense  increased efficiency, implementing a precise and tailor made Maintenance system (both planned and repair) along with ISM/ISPS systems and Risk Assessment.

MVM allows the system to easily and promptly be tailored to each company and vessel needs. 

Allowing only authorized access to all secured and backed data. The application enter-twines all procedures under a common purpose built tree with Categories and sub-categories allowing easy location of equipment and Tasks in Job Cards.

All procedures are accompanied by Safety and Environmental remarks, comments and instructions.

MVM allows easy integration of ISM, ISPS  systems be it original vessel systems or systems written and fitted to the vessel and crew.

MVM allows upload and storage in electronic format of relevant data i.e. certificates, crew details,work sheets,clearance documents, plans/drawings and images.

The experience of MVM personnel is leveraged with object-oriented expert Web Based Application Software tool to create high-quality Vessel/Fleet Management . Supplying DPA,CSO pre Audit , Office preperation, Technical support and much more.

No extras, No add ons. 

Pure proffessional service with a smile!

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