A Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is a most for any vessel and required by regulation both in Mini ISM and Full ISM Yachts. The system is part of the overall ISM culture and allows for a controlled and documented maintenance schedule.

When looking at Maintenance as a concept we can utilize a planned system as per manufactures recommendations and subject to regularity (Flag/Class/IMO) .

Main Machinery, HAVC systems, Navigation Systems, Communications, Deck gear, LSA and Lifting gear, Steering, Stabilizing and Thrusters are all part of the Yacht ongoing Maintenance schedule. Each yacht has its unique and specific systems and in order for the systems to be kept up to manufactures standards a plan has to be implemented and documented.

MVMSYSTEM has created an online module within our Yacht Management Plan that is setup and tailored to the specific needs of your vessel. The database is populated with all relevant info from Images to S/N Model and planned maintenance tasks.

The system can record Damaged maintenance and follow the repair task along with automatic alerts.

Adding spares and inventory will allow the Yacht to keep track of required consumables so that the maintenance task can be preformed without delays. Keeping minimum parts stock levels of filters as an example.

The system can be viewed on a daily weekly or monthly base. All entries are documented and alerts or follow-ups sent to preprogrammed users on-board and ashore.

A well-planned system supports the overall Safety of the Yacht crew and guests. It will save unnecessary costs and allow for a small crew to tackle the job with full efficiency.

Manuals – Operation / spares / repairs are uploaded and specific tasks will have specific pages attached to simplify the process. Eliminating the need to hold hard-copies both on the bridge and Engine room. Space is not something we have as an extra.

Documented Planned Maintenance and confirming to regulations is a most with all LYC yachts and as part of Mini ISM system.