All new ships that are built today and are affected by the EU regulation, requires an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).

By December 31, 2020, all existing ships flying the flag of a member state of the EU, or ships flying the flag of a third country that are calling at EU ports, are required to have an IHM.

In order for an existing ship to get an IHM, a HazMat Expert is first required to do an IHM inspection on board the ship. An IHM inspection includes taking HazMat samples for testing in a HazMat certified laboratory.

Based on the number of ships that will require an IHM, there needs to be performed 24 IHM inspections per day from 2015 to the end of 2020. For every month that passes by, the pressure in the HazMat Expert market will increase.

This requires an onboard survey conducted by a certified company to sample all area of the vessel and obtain test samples representing all construction materials. This will be documented and the report will serve as an INVENTORY OF HAZARDOUS MATERIAL and follow the vessel until such time she will be broken and recycled.

The Samples taken will be sent to a certified Laboratory and analyzed. The results will determine if any of the materials used in the vessel construction are of a Hazardous nature (Asbestos etc…).

This will allow the recycling centre to plan the safe removal of such documented items during recycle process without endangering the work force and the environment.

The initial survey, testing and certification is for a period of 5 years after which a renewal will have to take place.

From the initial test and survey the vessel should keep a record of any works carried onboard that require added material to be added.

Example – Part of the bulkhead fire proof insulation has been damaged and now replaced with new.

The insulation material used must be accompanied with an MSDS detailing the material as approved non-Hazardous. This must be kept with the vessel original IHM report.

MVMSYSTEM will guide you through the process with our authorized contractors and submit for approval and certification to relevant RO.